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by LensMagic Photography on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 12:30am



One of the biggest showcase of Filipino achievements have been acknowledged through the 2011 Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada event which was held in the Churchill Ballroom at the Delta Chelsea hotel in downtown Toronto. The beauty mentioned in the title is aimed at our fellow "kababayans" who have demonstrated extra-ordinary feat of perseverance and success while helping our brothers and sisters in Canada. They have somehow deeply impacted people's lives in more than one positive way and made significant contributions to the progress of our community. These awardees are excellent examples of great Filipino traits such as patience, determination and hard work.


The awarding ceremony was founded by IPEN (International Professional Entertainment Network) with Edgar Sulit as the president and brain behind this prestigious affair. Being on it's second year of recognizing Filipino accomplishments, the 2011 Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada is yet to be regarded as the only body to endorse outstanding Filipinos in their exemplary endeavors. IPEN's goal is to give the greatest appreciation to our well being and uniqueness, a commonality that other cultures have come to appreciate about Filipinos.


Sixteen commendable Filipinos from different parts of Canada came to Toronto on that day to receive well-deserved awards of certificates and medals. Although two recipients of the awards didn't make it to the ceremony, their legacy have been embedded in the souvenir program for everyone to read. The model awardees are Jayjay Villanueva, Regina Coeli-Tolentino, Mimi Noche-Tamayo, Jojo Quimpo, Janice Lozano, Rochelle Buenaventura, Norma Carpio, Melinda Parreño Rustia, Minda Neri, Zarsi Manebo, Buena Bersalona, Johnny Quiambao, Fermer Santos, Eva Agpaoa, Willie Chuson and Chyrell Samson. These people have congregated in one place not only to be formally regarded of their excellence in their callings but also to teach us about the realities of life and how they were conquered by persistence and faith.


Pride of being a Filipino is felt throughout the audience as everyone listened to what the awardees had to share. For the most part of their testimony, our determination to succeed have made our confidence stronger to even reach out deeper into the sky and grasp our own dream. It was a clear perspective that success cannot be measured by intelligence alone but rather it should be accompanied with absolute faith in God, unconditional love, community friendship and by offering yourself to help the next person in need. In behalf of the International Professional Entertainment Network and all Filipinos in our community, we extend our sincerest congratulations to all the awardees of the 2011 Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada. God bless you all for your unselfish work.




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